Cashmere Vanilla Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle

Cashmere Vanilla Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle


Hand poured Soy Wax Candles - 9.5 oz

40-50 hours burn time

  • Vegan Friendly

  • made from vegetable oil, not petroleum by-products (like paraffin candles)

  • Soy candles burn 50% longer than regular candles

  • Soy candles are non-toxic and they produce negligible amounts of soot.

  • Soy candles release no known carcinogens into the air. Paraffin candles release a petro-carbon soot that stains your walls, furniture and is circulated through your air ducts. This soot, according to the American Lung Association, contains 11 documented toxins, 2 of which are known carcinogens — toluene and benzene.

  • We only use Phthalate Free Fragrances

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