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Expand Your Brand - Beyond Private Label

Concept Branding - Beyond Private Label

Expand your income streams by create a highly memorable experiences with our customized concept branded products. 

We help you create products with YOUR message communicated through the human senses of sight, scent, sound and touch. We walk you through creating a usable product that is brand specific to help you tell the story of your brand or service over and over again. Our products are made with safe components and are fun to use. Your customers will come back for more and refer their friends and family.

The Power of Scent

What if - your clients associated you business or brand with a specific scent? 

Smell-sensing neurons in the nose extend directly to the olfactory bulb of the brain, from which they can be passed on to other brain regions — including areas involved in memory. The sense of smell is specific, which helps to explain how our smell memories can be so precise. 

Is this the right service for you?

Do you know who your ideal customer is?

Do you have a concept to communicate?

Would you like to extend your influence and reach to your client even when you are not physically present or on a call?

Would you like to create a custom product to add to your existing product line that is just for you?

If yes, book a free 30 minute consultation to see if this is the right service for you. Contact Erin at

About the Product Designer

Erin Fenison began studying art, concept and design in 2012 and translated her experiences into her brand Beach Soap and Candle in 2016, developing products that are safe AND fun to use. Working with design and concept communication, Beach Soap and Candle has a loyal and connected following because of Erin's integration of positive brand message with artisan creative products, Erin has worked with companies to enhance their brand offerings by creating custom products that comunicate their company values to their guests and clients. Our family of clients include:

Redwook Parks Conservancy

The Stephanie Inn Four Star Resort

Escape Lodging

Empress by Danielle Amos

Cannon Beach Salon

Inn at Arch Cape

Surfsand Hotel

Hallmark Hotel and Spa

Cannon Beach Property Management

The Cannon Beach Hotel

Becca Pitts, Realtor

Cannon Beach Museum